1 The League shall be known as the South Devon Summer Tennis League.


2 The objects of the League shall be:-

a) To promote, foster and safeguard the game of tennis in South Devon.

b) To arbitrate in all differences, complaints and disagreements between Clubs, which are not covered by the rules of the League and its decisions shall be final and binding.


3 Membership of the League shall be open to all Clubs in the South Devon area and such membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee.

4 Application for membership shall be made to the Secretary of the League no later than March 1st each year.


5 The annual subscription for each team entered in the League shall be £4.00 subject to an annual review.


6 The affairs of the League shall be managed by a Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Match Secretary and Treasurer.

Annual General Meeting:-

7 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of April in each year

8 All members of the Clubs may attend the A.G.M. but only ONE representative from each club shall be entitled to vote.

9 Notice of Motion for change of rules etc. must be sent to the Match Secretary in writing by March 1st each year.

10 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be summoned on the request of not less than five clubs. Such request shall state clearly the business to be transacted and shall be signed by the Secretary of the clubs concerned. No business other than mentioned in the request shall be discussed at such E.G.M.


11 All matches shall be played between Monday and Friday. Where a club cannot arrange home matches Monday to Friday they may arrange fixtures for the weekend where the visiting club is agreeable to both the day and timing of the match. Where the visiting club does not agree to weekend play then the home club must surrender home advantage and the fixture be rearranged at the visiting club.

12 The League fixture lists shall be arranged by the Match Secretary. Any amendments may be made by the Club representative at the A.G.M. and a copy forwarded to the Match Secretary. Amendments may be made up to 7 days after the AGM being held. After that date no postponements will be allowed except by the home team as per Rule 17. All matches shall be played on the date specified on the fixture list unless both captains agree to an earlier date.

13 One home and one away match shall be played between each team in a division

14 Eight points shall be awarded for each match; one point for each set won.

15 All fixtures shall be played on the date specified in the fixture list.

16 6.45 pm will be the latest time to start a weekday match. At weekends it will be 15 minutes after the agreed start time by both teams. If all players of both teams are not ready to start to play by this time then a penalty of one set will be enforced on the defaulting team.

17 Only the home team may postpone a match due to bad weather. Matches may only be cancelled due to bad weather. If cancelled due to bad weather 2 new dates will need to be given to the opposing team within 7 days of the cancellation and the match date needs to be agreed within 2 weeks of cancellation. If a match is cancelled the Match Secretary must be informed within 3 days of the cancellation. It is the home team’s responsibility to inform the Match Secretary within 3 days of a cancellation. Failure will cause a 2 point fine.

18 FINES: If a match is cancelled by a team other than due to bad weather, the 8 points shall be awarded to the other team and the team cancelling shall be fined 2pts. The match can be played at a later date with the agreement of both teams but the points do not count towards the league.

19 All matches (mixed, mens, ladies or knockout) take the following format. Team A plays opposing team A and Team B plays opposing Team B. In the second half Team A plays Team B and Team B plays Team A.

20 An event is to consist of two sets with a tie-break at six games all for each set required.

21 A team is to consist of a minimum of four players who are current members of the Tennis Club played for.

22 Players may only play for one tennis club in one competition (mixed, ladies or mens).

23 Each Club is required to register a minimum of four players for each team entered in the League with the Match Secretary before any matches are played. No further registrations can take place after June 30th.

24 COUNTY PLAYERS:- Any player who has played at Under 18 County Level in the last 5 years is not eligible to play in the League. Any player who has played at Senior or Over 35 County Level in the last 10 years is not eligible to play in this League.

25 Clubs entering more than one team:-

a) No registered player may play for a lower ranked team than the one registered for. A registered player may play in a higher ranked team(s) within their Club on a maximum of two occasions and remain eligible for inclusion in their original team.

b) A registered player playing in a higher ranked team on a third occasion is required to re-register for the higher team. A player may only be re-registered once and then may not then play for a higher ranked team.

c) Clubs with 2 teams in the same division must complete their 2 inter-club fixtures before May 31st. No points will be awarded for matches played after this date. (Except for postponement due to bad weather, which must be re-arranged before June 30th).

d) Only 2 teams from each club are allowed in each division.

e) If a club has more than one team in a division, players may only play for one of the teams.

26 Any team playing an un-registered player will forfeit the points won by this player to the opposing team and also be fined 2 points.

27 In the event of matches being curtailed by bad weather:-

a) Where four or more sets have been completed, the points shall be awarded as won by the respective teams and the points for the remaining sets shared.

b) Where four sets have not been completed, the match shall be deemed to have not started and the fixture re-arranged before September 1st.

c) The Match Secretary shall be informed of all re-arranged matches by the home team.

d) One point will be deducted from the home team if they do not notify the Match Secretary of a match being cancelled within seven days of the original fixture date.

28 In the event of a match having started and a player being injured or unable to continue playing, any points already won by that player will be awarded. However, the relevant points left will be awarded to the opposing team.

29 A minimum of six new tennis balls must be provided by the home team for each match.

30 One score card must be completed for each match and signed by both team captains. The home team captain must then forward the score card to the Match Secretary within seven days of the date of the fixture. One point will be deducted form the home team for a card not received by the Match Secretary within seven days of the match being played.

31 Score cards must be filled in at the commencement of the matches.

32 The team with the lowest number of points in Division One will be placed in Division Two next season.

33 The team with the lowest number of points in Division Two will be placed in Division Three next season.

34 The team with the highest number of points in Division Two will be placed in Division One next season.

35 The team with the highest number of points in Division Three will be placed in Division Two next season.

36 In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the placing will be decided as per the following:-

a) The team who has won the most matches.

b) The team who has scored the most points against the team(s) tied with.

c) The Team who has won the most games against the team(s) tied with.

37 If the teams are still level after considering each of the above in order, then a play-off will take place on a neutral ground as decided by the League Committee.

38 CHANGE OF RULES:- Any proposed amendment to the Rules must be sent to Match Secretary by March 1st each season by a club.

39 If making an appeal against a decision made by the Management Committee, this has to be forwarded in writing, to the Match Secretary within 7 days of written notification of decision.

Knock Out Cup:- Rules as per the League except:-

40 A player can only play for one team in the cup competition.

41 In the event of a draw, the team with the most games wins. If the games are equal, the away team wins.

42 Date for the Knock Out Cup Final to be decided at the A.G.M..